Fantasy Cream V Edition has started!!!

Where you will find the exclusive creations put at disposal by the FC Sponsors.
Hey I am there too with this exclusive for the FC V:

Follow the HUNT starting at the Fantasy Cream Market, and if I say it starts in the market I mean that!
Click over the doll head to get an help and find the other one to grab the prize.
If you dig around in F&M you may find:


Also as in Fantasy Cream tradition you have the opportunity to win a substantial amount of awesome prizes by just voting at the VOTE&WIN panel among the exclusive creations displayed in the Fantasy Cream Market.
Only one vote for person and a minimum time of staying in the sim required to make the vote valid.

You can join the FANTASY CREAM SL group here (copy paste this SL address in your main chat and join the group): secondlife:///app/group/67ee8a4a-93d4-48f4-03ac-547d19aa88e5/about
So dont waste time and come over !