The Gothic Garage Sale

Starts today the Gothic Garage Sale, a themed market where to find plenty of creations and tons of bargains.
Asid of it also a 5L hunt filled with surprises.

Fantavatar & Moonstruck is participating too with 2 discounted outfits:

A freshly prepared gacha proposing victorian chockers:

F&M Victorian Choker Gacha


And a Pentackle necklace for those hunting in the market:

F&M Pentacle Necklace


Alebrylla Sarcophagus, the end of a long journey

(From the original quest organized by Dandelion Daydreams Factory in Second Life)

This is what the menestrels tell and sing, if you gentle ask for and offer them few pints of beer:

Alebrylla was a dwarf, she was the keys holder of the treasure in the palace of Durin the Dwarf King.
A legend tells that she spent her whole life inside the treasure room counting coin after coin, weighing ingots of gold and sacs of gems. Day after day, year after year, without speaking with anyone but with the servant who were bringing her food every day.
So as time passed Alebrylla started showing some kind of mind illness, she started acting in so many weird ways but the weirdest was that she convinced herself she could keep herself alive only by eating a precious gem per day. Fact is Alebrylla spent around 20 years of her life eating one gem per day and when she eventually died she was huge and her belly was full of bumps like a potato sac but none could wonder why. 

She was buried in a secret place as it was tradition for any keys holder.

Dandelion Daydreams Factory quest

Alebrylla Sarcophagus

The legend almost got vanished
About the girl who was famished
That impoverished a wealthy king
And this is what I am going to sing

There was a wealthy King
With tons of gems and rings
Which had to stay secured
As many could be allured

The treasure got a defender
She had two eyes of ember
Alebrylla was her name
A dwarf and also a dame

On day the girl was starving
The gold and gems were charming
With that her belly filled
At chewing those got skilled

After long years of this crazy eating
She badly got in need of healing
Death arrived before she was cured
And so the dwarf girl ended buried

Now the chest made of white shining bones
Keep secured the precious gemstones
Rich the man who’ll find the hidden tomb
Of Alebrylla and her fate of doom and gloom

Now the chest made of white shining bones
keep secured the precious gemstones
Rich the man who find the hidden grave
Of Albrylla who none was able to save.


Dandelion Daydreams Factory News

As you may already know Dandelion Daydreams Factory is home to Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Lilith’s Den and our various projects. Our points of commercials blend harmonic with points of entertainment and relaxation, inviting to stroll about, hang out with friends, do our changing adventure quests and have a good time.

There are great changes right ahead in the Dandelion Daydreams Factory, next time you come to visit us you may have some big exciting surprise.

We are working hard connecting pipes, painting walls and filling gift boxes !

As we do not want you to see us all messed up we will close the Dandelion sim for 24h, so the whole monday 8th January the land will be not accessible.

*** From 9th January ***
the members of the inworld groups:

Dandelion Daydreams Factory
Lilith’s Den -Horned Paradise

will have an early access of 12 hours !!!
They will be able to explore freely and grab gifts and some exclusive, before than anyone else.

From 9th January at 12.00 midday the land will be opened back to everyone else.


The DDDF has made it available few renting spaces for selected creators who match the land theme – Medieval / Fantasy.

As we do not need rentals fees to survive (though there will be honest fees of course) we are looking mainly for quality and liveliness business. A plus that will definitely convince us to host your brand and goods will be your kindly intention to light support us in the recurrent activities that keep the land alive.

We would love to welcome new designers who needs a spot where to enhance their popularity in a place where there are not strict “deadlines”!
Old designers are welcome aswell 🙂

We guarantee that we are doing our best to make the DDDF a live place this because we work for our own brands too 🙂

If you are interested in joining the land please fill up the online form and we will contact you asap.