never come back

My 2nd Life

never come back“

Song: ~ Faun – Wilde Rose (Lyrics) ~

Es kam ein Brief in dem es stand
Er starb als Held im fernen Land
Eine Rose fest in seiner Hand

Weh, Weh, mein Herz ist schwer
Gab für immer meinen Liebsten her
Seine wilde Rose blüht nicht mehr

█▓▒░ SPECIAL PREVIEW ✿ ~~~✿..:: FANTASY FAIR 2018 ::.. ░▒▓█

Available EXCLUSIVE @ the Fantasy Fair

~~~ 19.April – 29.April 2018 ~~~

FantasyFaire LOGO

Landmark coming soon

::B&C::Lyta Jewelry

Fatpack Colors: Black / Damascus / Gold / Silver

wear on Pic: ::B&C:: Lyta Jewelry – Damascus

 ::Bite&Claw:: Inworld  ::Bite&Claw:: Marketplace

__B&C__ Logo 2015 (Square)



F&M * Medieval Vanity Table

Realistic Medieval Vanity Table made in solid oak.

Chair with animations and objects delivered to match the animations playing.

the table opens and becomes a storage box where to hide secretes and letters.

Lovely Details ❤

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