Lovecraft Festival 2017

The annual celebration of Lovecraft Birthday has started and F&M is participating with some unusual creation!
The Lovecraft Festival Its not just a themed market but also a gathering of artists and events that you wont miss!


Fantasy Cream V Edition has started!!!

Where you will find the exclusive creations put at disposal by the FC Sponsors.
Hey I am there too with this exclusive for the FC V:

Follow the HUNT starting at the Fantasy Cream Market, and if I say it starts in the market I mean that!
Click over the doll head to get an help and find the other one to grab the prize.
If you dig around in F&M you may find:


Also as in Fantasy Cream tradition you have the opportunity to win a substantial amount of awesome prizes by just voting at the VOTE&WIN panel among the exclusive creations displayed in the Fantasy Cream Market.
Only one vote for person and a minimum time of staying in the sim required to make the vote valid.

You can join the FANTASY CREAM SL group here (copy paste this SL address in your main chat and join the group): secondlife:///app/group/67ee8a4a-93d4-48f4-03ac-547d19aa88e5/about
So dont waste time and come over !


# 581

Wearing: Skin: Stargazer – Nophia Night Sky (@Fair Play start 1st till 27th May) Jewels: Fantavatar&Moonstruck – Deep Ocean / Gacha (@Fair Play start 1st till 27th May) Gown: Fantavatar&a…

Source: # 581


Beauty of Rehana

地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡


FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK から Fantasy Fair で Galaxine が発売されました。こちらは Relay For Life のチャリティーです。ガウンはスタンダードサイズ5サイズが同梱されています。

Glaxine is new release from FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK in Fantasy Fair. This Gown is Charity of Relay For Life. It is 5 standard size included.


[Styling Note]
+ Gown | FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK – Galaxine (Red & Blue) @Fantasy Fair (until 1st May)
+ Cap | FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK – Galaxine Lemon Head (redblue) @Fantasy Fair
+ Jewel | CHOP ZUEY – Samhain (Brown/Gold)
+ Shoe | ieQED – siren pump (Obsidian / for Slink)
+ Nail | La Boheme – Magnetic Black (for Slink)
+ Pose | PosESioN – Mona

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Gather your wits and hold on fast

Great interpratation of the Galaxines (available at Fantasy Faire 2016 till 1st of May) by this talented blogger: Joanna Sweetwater

The Inelegant Ineloquent

My work is done now look at him
He’s never been more alive.
His head it shakes his fingers clutch.
Watch his body writhe
I’m the Gypsy – the acid queen.
Pay before we start.
I’m the Gypsy – I’m guaranteed.
To break your little heart.


Nails:  Koffin Nails / Something Wicked – Available at Fantasy Faire

Hair:  Wasabi Pills / Cleo / Fireworks – Available at Fantasy Faire

Dress: Fanavatar and Moonstruck / Galaxine / Green & Blue – Available at Fantasy Faire

Head, Skin, Eyes & Lips: Genesis Lab / Nelly Emotions / Milk

Body & Hands: Maitreya/ Lara

Pose:  Eternal Dream / Free Spirits / 2 – Available at Fantasy Faire

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The event that the fantasy lovers are waiting all the year long is eventually here !
Running from 21 April to 1 May 2016.

Some awesome new creations have come out from the jointed brain of F&M and Lilit’s Den, exclusive for the Fantasy Fair we present: The Galaxines 
The proceeds coming fro the sale of these creations are going to the Relay For Life of SL

Hats and dresses are sold in fat packs or separated so that you can mix match  🙂

Don’t miss out the Silent Auction tons of exclusive creations are auctioned in behalf of RFL
F&M has given its contribution too 🙂 with the exclusive Strawberry Fae FF2016
One of a kind Fae outfit and Wings in RFL color

fae FF

Fantasy Cream

Runa, The Wild Elf

Fantasy Cream:

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) and Dandelion Daydreams Factory are proud hosts to the second Fantasy Cream.

What started in 2009 (by the genius minds of Luna Barak and myself  ) as a handy list of stores for Medieval Fantasy Roleplay needs , grew to one of the best known long-time newsgroups of the medieval fantasy genre.

To keep it fun and interesting we started to host the seasonal Fantasy Cream- a Show-Off Market – Contest with a little scavenger hunt for and with a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Merchants.

There are delicious creamy tasty exclusive products on the voting board.
The voters as well as the merchants taking part have the chance of winning prizes!

Teleport to Fantasy Cream

Fantasy Cream has an own blog now too :

And its advised to join the MFGC Group
(secondlife:///app/group/17095f80-0a34-2f05-f4ce-d480ee27fb5f/about) to track…

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