HAIR FAIR 2015 !!! 11th – 26th July

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New Releases !

A Tudor inspired Gown – with six colors changing HUD – and its possible to match it with the hat and hair (not included in the pack) that are available at the new [ Oblivion ] store in Dandelion. The Gown is available in FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK store.

Matelda025 Middleage

The Suede Hood  – with six colors changing HUD – is now available for ladies too. It is possible to buy the hair add-on in the new [ Oblivion ] store in Dandelion. The Hood alone is available in both FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK and [ Oblivion ] store.

Suede Hood

Isle of Dee – Fallen Fair

This is the last event of the glorious Isle of Dee as the land is going to close soon. But new projects are on the way so never look back with regret but instead look ahead with expectations and joy!

To celebrate this last event I have prepared two creations that I hope you all will enjoy during your roleplay.

Medieval Hat Florentine Necklace

MYSTIC REALM FAIRE is coming !!!!!!

Dear friends on 10th October will start the MYSTIC REALM FAIRE, it is a two sim wide faire with the best fantasy designers on the grid showing their exclusive new releases. BUT READ FURTHER !!!
To the members of FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK GOLD and [ Oblivion ] groups will be given an early access on 9th October !!!
So keep tuned and grab the chance 🙂


A new release for roleplayers.. ladies :)

Simplicity Skin

I promise! next release will be for men and… I think they will like what I have prepared for them.
but lets focus over today release a Skin & Shape with several features that wants to meet the need of those roleplayers who are playing in historical environments (that are not modern age) and want to look more realistic. Very simple looking and infact I called it Simplicity.

Till the 27th of July F&M group members will get a 30% discount over it – only at F&M Main Store.